A digital collaboration platform to

optimize the handling of
real estate developments

By focusing on consumer needs, we guide developers and their consumers as buyers, tenants and investors throughout the entire development cycle

Planning process

In the center of an optimal planning process is the communication, organization and documentation. PROPSTER supports you with these important tasks with numerous features.

Online Collaboration

Guide your consumers through the whole developing lifecycle of their apartment, house or office. That not only saves time and raises the satisfaction level on both sides but also secures your price and planning structure.

Communication and Documentation

Maintain communication with your customers and ensure cross-project documentation at all times to reduce additional effort and execution errors.

Handover and defect management

The communication chain between you and the consumer ends with an optimal handover and an effective defect management.


We start exactly where the efforts and the challenges in the configuration process start. Current processes focus only on the technical handling and communication between developer and the executing company. The consumer is left out in most cases. We close this gap and provide your consumers with an optimal overview of all relevant topics.

PROPSTER - der Sonderwunsch Meister Software in Aktion


We guarantee a complete documentation of your communication processes, which are eminently important for the optimal handling of your real estate projects. Timely management of deadlines, automated dispatch of legally binding information and the possibility to view samples online also make PROPSTER indispensable. In addition, the real estate handover and the defect management are also handled by our system.

in many cases

PROPSTER is already in use


Only a few steps to the optimisation of your processes

1. Implementation

Every company is different! Therefore, PROPSTER adapts to your company structure in the first step to ensure a quick and easy implementation.

3. Choose features

There are a number of PROPSTER features available to help you get the most out of your business. Among other things, you can activate the deadline management, the real estate configurator, the real estate handover and the defect management.

5. Specify deadlines

In order to ensure a smooth flow of planning and construction phases, you provide the product categories with deadlines. Our system automatically communicates them in a timely manner to your consumers.

7. Set up Message Box and Docu Box

Define the internal and external communication structure and upload all relevant data for the project, such as floor plans, visualizations, construction and equipment description, etc.

2. Create projects

And now it can start! Activate your first project. Our onboarding team is happy to assist you, or use our integrated tour to independently take all necessary steps.

4. Choose products

Through our marketplace feature you can select the products for the standard equipment and other options. You also have the option of defining design lines and integrating them into your project as an option to choose from.

6. Create a room book

For example, upload the room book as an Excel file to store home-related data in the system. This not only allows us to calculate extra costs for flooring, etc., but is also important to enable or disable certain products for a number of homes.

8. Activate projects

You are finished! Recheck all the data, test the entire process internally and release the entire project with one click.


Test it yourself

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