‘We want to become one of the top PropTech start-ups in Europe’

Okay ... let's do this!

With more than 160 projects in the residential and office sector, we are well on the way to becoming an irreplaceable tool for real estate developers and construction companies.

The real estate industry is at the beginning of an extensive digitization and we take an important place with our solution. Online communication and processes have already become established in many industries. With PROPSTER we would like to offer our customers an optimal platform for these modern requirements.
Klaus Kainrad
Head of Sales
When developing new business areas, we focus on the entire value chain and always try to think outside the box. In addition to our key features that revolve around the individualisation process , it is also important to us to network all project partners with each other.
Andreas Quast
Business Development
We aim to become one of the most important PropTech start-ups, that started their journey in a German-speaking country. To ensure this, you not only need an innovative idea and a good product, you need the right people around you. With our extensive network of experts and partners, we are definitely on the right path.
Milan Zahradnik
Founder & CEO
We are constantly developing our product. In doing so we are trying to stay close to our customers to get the best results. The interesting thing about PROPSTER is the challenge of developing a product that always maintains its core benefits for users in a wide range of applications, while remaining flexible in its development.
Isabelle Schall
Product Development

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